Brighty Technologies Co., Limited

Brighty Technologies Co., Ltd.

Was established in Hong Kong in 2015. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the provision of technically advanced, reliable compressor products and gas compression solutions in the areas of fire-fighting, diving, personal protection and rescue, medical care, mining, and chemical engineering. In order to provide Chinese customers with better products and advanced technology in 2015, we cooperated with BAUER Kompressoren (one of the world's most professional air compressor manufacturers) to jointly sell BAUER products and related accessories. As the company grows, it cooperates with MASTERLINE in the United States in early 2017 to become MASTRELINE's exclusive authorized distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau region. It is the sole agent for the sales of various types of oxygen booster pumps manufactured by MASTRELINE in fire-fighting, medical, mining and chemical industries. The professional field is well-known.


  由于公司业务量的逐步增长,业务范围的逐步扩大,公司于2016年在天府之国成都成立了全资子公司—拜特科技(成都)有限公司,并成为德国宝华在中国西南片区的唯一官方授权经销商、系统成撬商、维护中心。除了专业代理销售宝华各系列呼吸空气压缩机、中高压压缩机、无油压缩机、氦气回收增压机、氮气增压机,并提供售后维护、保养、系统改造等服务之外,公司还经营宝华系列充气拖车、气源拖车等产品。我们拥有专业的技术研发团队,丰富的压缩机系统成撬、两室一站的建设与改造、以及气体压缩解决方案等方面的经验。公司本着“专业专注 用心服务”的理念,依托强大的服务团队,致力于提高中国气体压缩行业的服务质量,为客户提供最可靠的品牌、最适用的产品、最专业的服务。

  Due to the gradual increase of business volume and the gradual expansion of business scope, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Brighty Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Limited in Chengdu, the capital of Tianfu, in 2016, and became the only official authorization of BAUER in the Southwest China region. Distributors, system builders, maintenance centers. In addition to professional agency sales of BAUER's various series of breathing air compressors, medium and high pressure compressors, oil-free compressors, helium recovery superchargers, nitrogen boosters, and after-sales maintenance, maintenance, system transformation and other services, the company Also operating BAUER series of inflatable trailers, gas trailers and other products. We have a professional technical research and development team, rich experiences in the compressor system, the construction and renovation of the two-compartment one-station, and gas compression solutions. Based on the concept of “professional focus and dedicated service”, relying on a strong service team, the company is committed to improving the service quality of China's gas compression industry and providing its customers with the most reliable brands, most suitable products and most professional services.

   我们的产品凭借先进安全的技术、优质的质量和可靠的性能在消防呼吸领域、工业领域和石油石化领域拥有广泛的应用,在消防、潜水、个人防护和救援、吹瓶、水电站、检漏、吹扫、船用、稀有气体压缩、惰性气体压缩、地震探测、钻探、钻孔、海洋勘探、海洋钻井平台、陆地勘探、锅炉清洗 、氮气分配 、管道检测 、军用机场飞机维护 、地理探测 、炼油等各个行业,我们的产品都是您气体压缩需求的理想选择。


Our products are widely used in fire-fighting, industrial and petroleum and petrochemical fields with advanced and safe technology, high-quality quality and reliable performance in fire-fighting, diving, personal protection and rescue, blowing bottles, hydropower stations, leak detection, Purge, Marine, Rare Gas Compression, Inert Gas Compression,

Seismic Detection, Drilling, Drilling, Marine Exploration, Offshore Drilling Platforms, Land Exploration, Boiler Cleaning, Nitrogen Distribution, Pipeline Inspection, Military Airport

Aircraft Maintenance, Geography Exploration, Refining, etc.In all industries,our products are ideal for your gas compression needs.

Your needs are our greatest motivation! Look forward to working with you and hand in

hand for common development.

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